Traditional Favorites Jam

Peach Jam (4oz. qty. 7) (8oz. qty. 1)
Made exclusively with East Texas grown fresh peaches, this is another seasonal variety, available only from the months of June through August.
A much sought-after prize, Betty has won this blue ribbon not once, but twice, in the past years at the State Fair of Texas.
This jam tastes of juicy summer-sweet fruit flavor, and is possibly the best item on the menu. Try Betty's favorite.
Peach Jam

Strawberry Jam (4oz. qty. 16) (8oz. qty. 2)
A pure taste of summer, this jam is made from only select Texas strawberries. A true classic. Yummy Ö..
Strawberry Jam

Blackberry Jam (4oz. qty. 7) (8oz. qty. 6)
This luscious, seedy jam is thick and dark, sweet and tart. Itís another house favorite. It could be at your house, too.
Blackberry Jam

Signature Jams

Raspberry White Chocolate Jam (4oz. qty. 15) (8oz. qty. 2)
Made with the raspberry jam, combined with Ghirardelli white chocolate. A house favorite, with true depth of flavor. Try something different.
Raspberry White Chocolate Jam

Peach Cobbler Jam (4oz. qty. 14) (8oz. qty. 8)
Made with the peach jam, combined with the special spices of a warm Danish. Try a nice twist.
Peach Cobbler Jam

Pineapple-Ginger Jam (4oz. qty. 2) (8oz. qty. 2)
Made exclusively with Dole pineapple and pure ginger, this jam is uniquely delicious, and can be spread on anything from buttered toast to pork tenderloin. This is a perennial favorite, and a must-try.
Pineapple Ginger Jam

Strawberry Jalapeno Jam (4oz. qty. 18) (8oz. qty. 7)
A special treat made just for the Holiday Season. Sweet Texas strawberries combined with a hint of jalapeno heat. Looks and tastes great poured over cream cheese or goat cheese.
Stawberry Jalapeno Jam

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